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$152,306 Raised To Date!

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FUNDRAISING EVENTS and announcements

Rather than add to the tax burden of the citizens, the Town of Swanzey has formed a committee to oversee fund raising efforts to replace the Slate Covered Bridge. The Slate Bridge Committee needs to raise Swanzey's 20% portion, $280,000, of the $1.4 million needed before construction can begin. The group is actively planning fund raising events. A variety show, entitled "Swanzey Uncovered", and a bike-a-thon were held this year. T-shirts, which depict the bridge as it stood for 131 years, are on sale at the Swanzey Town Hall for $20 each. Beyond that, the committee sells sponsorships of various parts of the bridge, ranging from $5,000 for one of four shear beams to $1 for a nail.

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"By offering pieces of the bridge for adoption, we hope to not only raise the needed funds, but to create a sense of ownership for the people who care about and use the bridge everyday," said Francis Faulkner, Jr., chairman of the committee.

For more details, or to send a donation, call 603-352-7411, or write the committee at Slate Covered Bridge Committee, c/o Town of Swanzey, PO Box 9, East Swanzey, NH 03446. Fax: 603-352-6250.

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