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Other Covered Bridges in Swanzey

CARLTON #7, Swanzey Center.

This Covered bridge is one of the oldest in New Hampshire, although it's exact date of construction is not known. It's 60 feet long by 14 feet wide, and crosses the South Branch of the Ashuelot River. It was completely reconstructed and reopened in 1997.

Directions: One mile south of Swanzey Center on NH route #32. Keep an eye out for a "Covered Bridge" sign. Take a left on Carlton Road. The bridge is only a few hundred feet up the road.

Cresson covered bridgeCRESSON, Sawyers Crossing #6, near Swanzey Center.

It's a 2 span, "Town Lattice" bridge of 159 foot length and 17 foot width. It has a center pier and spans the Ashuelot River, and was built in 1859 at a cost of $1,735.64. It replaced a bridge built in 1812. A bridge dance was held to commemorate its completion. According to Suzanne Bergeron Whittemore's "In The Shadow Of Monadnock","The bridge was lighted by lanterns while musicians set up at one end of the bridge, and dancers arrived with baskets of food.

Stepping lively to quadrilles, reels and contras, the dancers carried on until dawn."

Directions: From Keene, south on NH Rt. 10. just before crossing into Swanzey on your left take Matthews Road. Follow Matthews Rd. to the end, bridge is on left.

Thompson covered bridgeTHOMPSON, West Swanzey #5

In the midst of West Swanzey Village is the "Thompson" bridge. Painted red with white trim, this "Town Lattice" truss once had two sidewalks, but now has only one. It has 2 spans across the Ashuelot River with a length of 155 feet.

Originally built in 1832 at a cost of $523.27 by Zodoc Taft.

Directions: Route 10 South, out of Keene. Approx 3.5 miles once you cross into Swanzey, on your left. Look for the "Covered Bridge" sign.


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