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Ms. Elizabeth A. Fox
Administrative Assistant
PO Box 10009
Swanzey, N.H. 03446-0009

Re: Swanzey #13188 - Bridge #080/090 Westport Village Rd. over Ashuelot River.

Dear Ms. Fox:

I am approving your request to implement the above noted project under the Municipal Managed Process. Based on anticipated appropriation of Bridge Aid funding in the next Legislative Session, this office should be in position to approve the construction phase to occur after July 1, 2000. The Board's initial task under the Municipal Managed Process, will be to engage a consultant to provide the design. As required, this selection must be on a qualifications based process.

Also, the enclosed Application for Construction form should be executed by the Town, indicating that the Town has raised or appropriated its share of estimated project cost for the Municipal Managed Bridge Aid Program. Once executed, return to our office.

As in the past, please keep us appraised of your actions relative to this project.

Best Wishes This Holiday Season,

Robert T. Barry, P.E.

Administrator, Bureau of Municipal Highways
Room 111 - Tel. (603) 271-2107

cc: Clesson J. Blaisdell, Senate President
Robert W. Greer, Director of Project Development, DOT

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